Michael Saylor Promises Funniest Crypto Meme Posters 1,000,000 SATs

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy Inc., guaranteed 1,000,000 SATs, equivalent to approximately $200.86, to the 3 best crypto meme posters.

Saylor took this pledge the other day in a survey by a crypto influencer, Eric Wall surface, where he asked the Bitcoin community if they think the CEO has made greater than 3 lightning deals in his life.

Contextually, lightning deals are payment transfers on the Lightning Network (LN), a layer-2 service built in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), in reaction to scalability problems with its blockchain, such as speed and cost of deals.

Currently, 52.1% of participants think the CEO has done more. While the poll was still live, Saylor replied that the correct answer was a yes. To give more support to his words, he included that he "will make 3 more deals of 1,000,000 SATs each to the 3 posters of one of the most suched as lightning memes in the remarks."

4 days back, Saylor's Microstrategy released a task listing online portal smartrecruiters.com for full-time work as a Bitcoin Lightning Software Designer, where the chosen individual will supervise of producing a Lightning Network SaaS system.

The Bitcoin illumination service makes it feasible for retail electrical outlets to approve BTC as payment. Formerly, crypto skeptics used the disagreement of reduced deal speed to tease the Bitcoin community. The other day, Bitcoin Publication posted a one-minute video clip on Twitter showing how a client at McDonald's may spend for burgers using lightning deals.

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